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Direct Feedback from our first week

  • "My son [4th grade] can't stop talking about how amazing they are ... This is a direct quote from him, 'I love this ... this is so fun.'"

  • "We did it tonight. Kids requested three rounds."

  • "We have done ChatStix every night and kids (and parents) love it!!!"

  • "My kids were super into it."

  • "Us too! We all love ChatStix!"

  • "My 8th grader, on his own, brought up ChatStix wih his older sister and all 3 of us pulled a stick while we were face timing her (she lives in Florida). I shared on Facebook widely wih all of the women / moms I know!"

  • “My kids (14-8) automatically grab a stick every night.”

  • "I'm going to share it with the specialists I work with (and then hopefully the larger group) ...  it's a great resource to use in lunch groups and/or our social groups!"
  • "I've hired over 200 people and I wish I had these for those interviews. I would've learned so much more about the candidate sitting across from me."

  • "My kids think this should be on Shark Tank."  

  • Omg!!! We are OBSESSED with your Chatstix!!! Will keep in car and play on way home from school. Need to buy lots for gifts. Thank YOU!!