into daily storytellers.

What are ChatStix?

ChatStix are a collection of 52 words (A-Z) on 26 custom-crafted wooden sticks. Each stick is designed to spark a unique and insightful story with every turn. 

Why do they work?

ChatStix work because they are: 

  • Question-Free
  • Instruction-Free
  • Predictably Unpredictable
  • Ageless & Timeless
  • Quick, Easy, Tactile, & Fun

How do they work?

Keep ChatStix anywhere you spend time with family and friends. Simply pick a stick and share a story that connects one of the words to something from the day. 

Enjoy the authentic and animated stories inspired by ChatStix featuring Hilarious, Gross, Embarrassing, Weird, and dozens more.

Be sure to pick a stick and share a story from your day too.

ChatStix are for Everyone, Everywhere.
Use them for team-building, networking events, interviews, ice breakers ... dinner parties, carpools, classrooms,
even on a date.

Happy Chatting

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In the car After practice Before bed At the table After school Tonight at dinner Family time At rehearsal At grandma's house With babysitters At the doctor's office In class